Mr. P (and Tom)

We asked him what talent is and what he made of it, 
He said it is ‘finding someone to love who loves you’, 
That there’s no better thing in life than love and companionship, 
And through the glory all that matters is someone there to share it with; 

He told us there’s value in being skeptical about life,
Perhaps we never really saw it in the way he did, 
Having fifty year of life more (or less) than what we do,
Maybe we didn’t want to see the realistic part of life behind the optimism;

I can now see why Waterland meant so much more to him,
The entrapment of the past is indeed haunting and melancholic,
Imagine having a life situation in some ways similar to what is written,
That perhaps the story of his life is not so different from what is unwritten;

The painful chains of the past prevents the pen from writing a future,
And its clutches does indeed stop the ink from flowing in the present. 

International Young Historians Conference 2014


I’ve just attended the International Young Historians Conference held at UWC SEA and I have to say it was interesting and useful as an academic conference for participants to learn from the different (perhaps not previously considered)  viewpoints and perspectives presented by the other participants and academic papers.

I did my presentation on the concept of Juche and how it compares to other prominent strands of Communism from the likes of Maoism to Marxism. It was exciting as other presentations were deeply grounded in these other forms of Communism and I did worry for a second if there were conflicts in understanding of the different Communist ideologies but as it turned out, everyone did their homework and presented as factually as they could.

Since my presentation document is still open on another browser, I thought it might be good to just include in this post a short extract of the research paper so here it is below.


An extract of the introduction:

“North Korea has been described as the Jurassic Park of Communism. With a state-planned economy and party vanguardism by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP), it is easy to believe that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is indeed the last outpost of the Cold War. However, does the state ideology of North Korea still merit the label of “Communist”? This paper seeks to postulate that while it may be argued that the North Korean state ideology drew and continues to draw heavily upon elements of various Communist schools of thought, it has since veered away from many of the ideas and tenets of a Communist regime to possess its own unique and distinct characteristics.”


If anyone wants access to the full academic paper, just leave me a comment and I’ll either share it or post it up here.

What I Found

It is a confession of some sort that love is one of few things I look passionately for,
Though this search has found me countless faces in endless places old and new,
I reckon not that I have found anything special that I have not experienced before,
Until one fine afternoon I walked into a room and right there I got a different kind of feel;

That was the very day I  first saw your face which til today I have found not words enough to picture,
Truly the sparkle in your eyes compete with the twinkle of the stars of Orion in the skies above,
And your smile reminds me of the sunshine and warmth that each new day brings only richer,
Yet those are just little of all the beauty that you possess which compares you to an angel’s rebirth;  

So for this very moment while your heart remains unbinded and your love remains unbounded,
Allow me the opportunity to prove to you that there is no one as much like you as I am and would be,
To give us both a chance to show Cupid that he has wasted not a single arrow aiming at us blindfolded,
And to let yourself believe in love all again and follow your heart which would bring you to me;

So that in years to come we will know that to meet in the world of love is our destiny,
and  together realize that the moment our eyes met everything else is just history.