Trigger Happy

This is absolutely savage;

How does
The night turn so dark?
The breeze turn so cold?
The pain turn so real?

There is absolutely none.


Awaiting A Knock?

(Inspired by a conversation)

I see you turn the keys to the lock and open the front door
To a house without the lights on and without anyone home:

You’re probably spending the night alone again where you will
Make a cup of instant noodles and take a warm shower
After which you will switch the television on and watch a rom-com
Until you fall asleep and be greeted by daylight the next morning;

You switch the lights on and turn back
To bid me a good night and a good bye most candid;

I wave a goodbye to you and wish you a good night ahead
While keeping my eyes on yours to catch you just for a moment longer;

I was hoping you would ask me to stay just a little longer
Even if only for a cup of coffee or tea or a little chatter,
But you take one last look at me with those dazzling eyes before you
Close the front door and disappear into that empty apartment of yours;

Do you shoot every guy a look so mesmerising
Or is it a hint that perhaps there is something more?

Is your heart locked like your front door,
Or are they both awaiting a knock?

Space and Shoe Box

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

I don’t want to even imagine how you
Just severed ties with him when the relationship ended
Leaving him without a final message or a last letter
Choosing to just disappear totally from his life entirely;

It did appear like he chose to move on and push you aside
So you did likewise to move on and leave the memories behind
Like a locked away space somewhere in the depths of your heart
You chose to put that affair away and take it like it happened – never;

A blank space on your side and a shoe box on his:
What happened between you two became nothing more (to you) than an emptiness
While what took place between the two hearts became little more (to him) than
A shoe box of little messages and cards that contains a paleness of yesterday;

I am not sure what is filling the blank space of your heart right now,
Neither am I sure what is filling the shoe box of his memories there now;

His last attempt to fill up the space once again and add to the shoe box once more.

Where Do Your Eyes Fall?

(5 minute challenge for the evening)


It doesn’t matter – no it doesn’t really,
That the place can be crowded and full,
Or it can be empty with hardly a soul around,
Because tell me – where do your eyes fall?

There can be many tables empty,
All looking pretty much equally attractive (or not),
Tempting you to take a pick and to your fancy,
But then tell me – where do your eyes fall?

Well it could be that many (or most) tables are taken,
Each one guarded closely with little intent to share,
Turning you away with loaded places and empty spaces,
Pause a second and tell me – where do your eyes fall?

All this emptiness or spacelessness (if you will),
Your eyes may momentarily glance over them,
You can be tempted to just settle on one and make do,
But you know in your heart that it wouldn’t do – really;

Where your eyes fall is where your heart beckons to be,
Amidst one or all tables empty or taken,
That there is only one place you want and ought be:
At the table which you would call your own to be;

Now tell me again – where do your eyes fall?


Why I Never Said Hello (So I Need Not Say Goodbye)

I saw you but a couple of hours ago,
The coffee in your cup was still fragrant and warm,
A gentle steam rose above the surface past the rims,
That look of intent on your face while sipping coffee and thinking; 

It was pretty crowded and I took a long glance at you,
Strangely my vision at that instant showed me no one else there but you, 
The centre of focus and everything else around a blur, 
Sitting there in your sweater doing work and watching the world go by;

I didn’t come over to say hello,
I didn’t feel you would like me to,
I couldn’t think of what to say to you, 
I couldn’t know if you would want to see me;

Now I’m gazing again at the very seat my eyes left you some time ago,
The cup is still there and there is but a sip of coffee left over,
This time there’s no steam rising above the rims of the coffee cup,
This time what’s left is your shadow – you aren’t there anymore;

All that’s left now is the cup that belongs to no one, 
A vacant seat there awaiting the next customer, 
The magic which attracted me there is all but gone,
And a heart as empty now belongs to no one and awaits for someone;

Maybe I should have said hello, 
Perhaps I should never have walked away,
Never to have let you go,
Now the moment’s gone and you’ve left; 

Why I never said hello:
So I need not say goodbye,
But looking at the empty cup now, 
There’s not even a goodbye to say anymore. 


(you know who you are, N knows it too)

What I Found

It is a confession of some sort that love is one of few things I look passionately for,
Though this search has found me countless faces in endless places old and new,
I reckon not that I have found anything special that I have not experienced before,
Until one fine afternoon I walked into a room and right there I got a different kind of feel;

That was the very day I  first saw your face which til today I have found not words enough to picture,
Truly the sparkle in your eyes compete with the twinkle of the stars of Orion in the skies above,
And your smile reminds me of the sunshine and warmth that each new day brings only richer,
Yet those are just little of all the beauty that you possess which compares you to an angel’s rebirth;  

So for this very moment while your heart remains unbinded and your love remains unbounded,
Allow me the opportunity to prove to you that there is no one as much like you as I am and would be,
To give us both a chance to show Cupid that he has wasted not a single arrow aiming at us blindfolded,
And to let yourself believe in love all again and follow your heart which would bring you to me;

So that in years to come we will know that to meet in the world of love is our destiny,
and  together realize that the moment our eyes met everything else is just history.