Turn Of The Year

I am
realising dreams
all around;

I am
quite tired
#happiness is
all around;

This is where the year turns
(like the wheels of my R34).


Accusation of Fairness

The irritation lies not in
The question you ask or
The things that you say or
Anything about class really (secondary);

Perhaps the irritation lies in
The way you behave and
The way you ask me questions and
The way you are around her (primary);

Maybe we’re just elitist but
You’re not one of us.
(At least not yet/maybe never)

They Come On

They come on
In little bits and pieces
As a suggestion and a little nag
That pokes and jab at you;

It is as though they’re saying,
‘Time to take heed and watch out’
We may come for you
All over again (if you’re not careful);

They continue to tease you
Making you itch a little
Through light irritation
Sometimes a little bit more;

Then they come in patches:
That is when we know
We need to keep watch and maybe
Start examining and making change;

Still bearable it seems
We console ourselves
Poking at the little patches
Thinking it would go away;

Then they start their full assault
Taking over (your) control
Leaving you in drapes and
Perhaps in bewilderment and regret;

Then you may ask yourself,
Did you not take heed and
Take precautionary measures?

Maybe the host is not strong:
Not as strong as he thinks he is
Not as in control as he likes to be
Not as clever as he seeks to be;

Maybe the fall began
In winter twenty one six.