We Think Things Important

Just a few more thoughts before we head into Christmas and end the year shortly afterwards. 

It’s true: we think material things are important. Some of us make it our main pursuit in life to make as much money as we possibly can so that we can afford the best cars and the finest foods. No doubt, the importance of money cannot be more strongly iterated and it is right to think that having things that we like is important. 

To have a decent car, a lovely house and to indulge in some of the things we like is central to our survival and wellness. We gain financial freedom and ease any frustrations or worry when we have more than enough to get through our daily life; in fact we gain and spread happiness by buying the things we want and sharing what we have with others. One who discounts the significance of money certainly must not have thought things through. 

There however comes a point where life is considerably comfortable and basic necessities are met. Anything that comes after that counts as luxury and in some ways, probably excess that we have for rainy days or to give to others. That is the point where we start to place less importance on money making and material possessions, and start shifting our focus elsewhere. 

I’ll use some examples to illustrate some thoughts. Say we have a Jaguar, a prime example of an English luxury car. It gets us around in good comfort, and we probably feel satisfied owning one. We may have spent years of our lives slogging to gain ownership of it, to work for the bucks to eventually buy the car and drive it home. 

On the other hand, we have people around us and moments to live through. To earn the amount tagged to the ownership of the car, we neglect our families, friends and we forget to live and cherish the key moments in our lives. People step out of our lives without us knowing, peaks and glorious sceneries are passed without even a cursory glance.. How does that come up against that luxury piece of machinery we previously placed so much importance on? 

An Aston Martin can be built and bought again. Your friend might not be there anymore when you decide to call him after an absent window of years. A penthouse can be raised and purchased again. The missed laughters heard in the hall of years gone by may not be audible again even if you strain to hear them. Material affairs can be reconstructed and made again, but try to recreate a moment in time or to bring someone back to life.. Not possible. 

What are the important things in life again? 

Drive that Mercedes.. Take your family out for a meal, drive out to the sea with your best friend, and remember to always be grateful for who we are and what we have in life. 

The Irony Behind Advice

Advice can come in all forms of shapes and sizes, and from anyone at anytime. It can come from your mum when needed most (“Just follow your heart sweetheart, everything is going to be okay”), or it can come unwelcomed from a rival (“Why don’t you learn how to dress for success even a little like me?”) 

Given the assumed constructive nature of an advice, most are friendly and designed to improve a situation or an individual, be it in influencing a decision or how to do things better. Friends advice each other all the time when things look a little dry for the other, and the Internet is full of people writing advisory articles in forum pages and websites. 

The irony however, is this: we often tend to take the advice given by strangers or random sources more seriously than those given to us by our families and close friends. This is a weird phenomena, but it’s true for a large part of us. Take for example when we’re young: When our mums tell us to eat our vegetables, we tend to shrug it off but when we read up on the advices online on the importance of vegetables to our diet, or when we see our friends or crush enjoying their greens and egging us to eat them, we start to appreciate and consume them. 

How different is it from when your mum nicely tells you to eat your veggies at dinner time? Not much really, the vegetables still taste about the same. 

There’s something strange about this really, that we choose to ignore or neglect the advice of those who know us best, and those who want the best for us. Perhaps it is taking for granted the goodwill that our loved ones have for us, or maybe we seek to learn only from experiencing it for ourselves. The hard way, if you ask me. 

It would probably be good if we learn to take advice for us more seriously, and give them a thought before throwing them away into the mental garbage bin at the back of our heads. We should of course have a mind and an opinion of our own, but we could always use for a different (perhaps previously hidden) perspective in a situation. We may think we know better, but sometimes.. we really don’t. 

(P.S another irony of advice is that we often give them to people like they are free, but use them ourselves as though it’d cost us a new car or apartment, but thats to be saved for another day. Haha.)

Untitled / Convergence

Synergy is everyone having the same picture in their heads
Of what they want to achieve at the end of the day and
Putting their heads together to work towards that goal –
Whatever it may be and however much it may require;

It is hard to achieve big things – or anything at all
If people all have different ideals and visions of the future
Where there is little overlap or commonalities
Such that they appear like ships with courses

Marked in different directions and set sail for different destinations;

The trick to harnessing the positive energy in each other
Is to find a common goal and a common dream so that there is


What’s Due

(Just a short 5 minute scribble before I continue the night listening to Elvis. The King’s on the playlist tonight haha)

I have a feeling that all of us – yes probably every single one of us
Expect some things from life which we are likely to consider
Things that are due to us: in the sense that we’re entitled to certain things in life
Maybe in the material form or in terms of our circumstances;

We think perhaps that life owes us things which we rightfully deserve
Like maybe a well to do background or a happy family
Or possibly other things like having a set of parents who are more lax
Or maybe getting the same privileges and golden spoons in life that others have;

We want so many things from and out of life that I’m not too sure
If we’re sometimes asking for too much at a go and doing so too often
That we forget that life owes us nothing and what is due to us
Is not really due to us because it is not a right but is rather more a gift;

It is hard to explain why some people start with great footings and have
All the things in life which we ourselves want so badly but cannot have
Without bringing in the concept or idea of karma – that all things are a result of
Causation and Effect where all that is given is decided by what is before;

Perhaps the best that we can do in life is not to focus on what is due (owed) to us
But rather focus on what can be achieved and gained due to us:
Our hard work and will in doing the best we can for ourselves
So that we can with our own hands create a life that we want for ourselves;

So when and what is everything due (to) really?


I see families with luggages and excited children (likely siblings)
discussing amongst themselves
What they were going to do upon touch down
And where they were heading to after checking in;

I see people exchanging well wishes and waving goodbyes
Whether relatives or friends or new acquaintances
There is both an air of excitement and anticipation (Bon Voyage!)
Of new memories to be made and new places to be discovered;

A place of transition of incoming and outgoing:
People come and go as the planes take off and touch down
Leaving behind more than misty mornings and nostalgic twilight
Taking with them fresh dreams and new aspirations;

There is something special in the air.


Here is a secret between the two of us which
I’ve never told anyone anytime anyhow
That is about the memories and times we have shared
That others do not know about;

It would be like the times we built sandcastles in the beach
With spades and buckets we really didn’t know how
Where one dome was raised while another fell
But we had fun in the sun and didn’t care for much;

Or like the times when we went to Disneyland and got lost
Amongst Mickey and Minnie and were just so thrilled
We didn’t know some of the characters but we didn’t bother
Because they were all so cute and magic was in the air;

Maybe it involves the times we spent having silly little arguments
Over who would pack up after a game of Monopoly or Uno
Or who would do the dishes for the night as decided by
A game of rock-paper-scissors or me (and you) just being lazy;

Not forgetting too the times when we got into trouble (you, me or both)
And looked for each other just to talk about things or to seek advice
Where some of these words were just thoughtless but still we had each other
To bail one another out whenever we were being rash or just plain silly;

Just to add in too the nights when we couldn’t sleep
Times which we spent singing or telling funny stories that
Continued on and on until either one of us fell asleep
Or until things got quiet (which meant both of us falling asleep);

Or possibly the times too when we went red packet collecting
During Chinese New Year or present-exchanging during Christmas
Where we would spend moments staring at the magical Christmas tree
Hoping day after day that presents would mysteriously appear under it;

Lastly perhaps too the times when we trained for our fitness tests together
And worked our soles to practice our serves and forehands on the tennis court
Where in other evenings we went cycling against the setting sun
Feeling as though there is nothing in the world that can stop or tire us;

These are the things I never told anyone about simply because
These secrets are to remain between the two of us – just me and you:
People wouldn’t understand even if we started telling them these things,
They’ll just think it silly or wouldn’t even bother altogether;

These secrets shall be kept secrets for as long as we know
And for as far as we can carry them because
These secrets do not exist anywhere else at all other than
The imaginary world created by the two of us (but really more like just one of us);

Maybe someday I’ll visit you on the other side of reality.