3 Tables Away

When you’re dating the law school queen:
It sure feels good to be you;

Actually not really,
I’d still rather be me;

Feels better to be me
Watching you date the law school queen;

No royal legal drama for me:
Just passive spectatorship.

Going Overseas

(A newly engaged couple (R&S) goes on their first trip overseas together and wakes up next to each other in a lovely resort by the sea. They stir, but are not fully awake yet.)

S [turns to face R]: Is there anything on today?

R: Nope I don’t think so, what about you?

S [stretches a little]: Nah.. Don’t think so…

R [places hand on S’s ass, squeezes lightly and tugs at her underwear]: How about we stay in bed all day today.. without anything on?

[S lets out a little moan]


A Haze of Blur 

I took another puff and exhaled. The smoke makes no difference to anything, it’s all a hazy blur. So what if I cough with each inhalation? It’s as though I am silently strangled and choking in this mist of restraint and confusion anyway. 

I reach for the cup beside my bed, gave it a light swirl and downed whatever remained of it from the night before. It didn’t go down well, and caused a jerk as it slid uncomfortably through a dry and coarse throat from a puff too much of Marlboro. ‘Damn it’ I thought, as I stare into the shroud of uncertainty gathering in front of me, a sinister shade of the unknown. 

Freedom awaits outside of these gates. 


(Here’s another post on the dramatisation and romanticisation of military life: this time it is about a young lieutenant and a private. Nothing too romantic, perhaps just a little underlying tension here and there. Hope you will enjoy it, it took all of three minutes haha.)

A young lieutenant shakes his head and says “no” with an explanation –
Not knowing that his adolescence within the military stands him in poor ground
Up against a young(er) private who stands firm on his feet with a thinking mind and
A wit sharper than any sword of honour the infantry army could provide;

You cannot blame the young lieutenant (to be honest):
He does not know what he is up against and he is definitely clueless
About the arsenal of ideas and words that are floating about behind enemy lines
Ready to be thrown to the frontline to take down any and all possible defences;

There was no fight nor open fire:
The private conceded the battle at the clash

But walked away knowing he had won the war.

It Shouldn’t Have Been This One Sided

(This post is a simple scribble of what I think after reading an online blog post of a girl’s perspective of her breakup where she places the entire blame on the boy for cheating on her. I am not very clear of what transpired in the relationship, but here are just some thoughts on how perhaps it shouldn’t have been this one sided.)


You claim that in this play for two there entered a third party, someone who lit the place ablaze with a venomous flame of passion and desire and destroyed all that is beautiful;

You accuse your other half of taking her to secret places where he used to take you (and only you) when the play first began, and pointed the finger at him for touching her in places with the fingers he once used to trace your curves and bumps;

You say that his declarations of love to you became false and forced, merely echoes in empty halls of lifeless portraits of happy moments of love which once were real and alive;

You think the reason why he doesn’t love you anymore is that he has found someone with a hotter pair of legs and a firmer set of boobs or maybe even someone with a face prettier than yours.

But all that shouldn’t just be about him:

You never listened to him when he told you that love can sometimes expire without even the faintest hint or the lightest trace of wind if the quarrels persist to tear down the lovely moments of affection and tenderness between the two of you;

You did not try to understand him when he said that he loved you but the forces of incompatibility were too strong for even the strongest set of bonds between the most smitten of hearts;

You could not give him the trust a man needed when he told you there was only you and him in this play of love and that on the stage shared between you and him there really was no one else.

For all that you have thrown at him, he has gone off the stage for good now and the play is over;

All that is left now is a broken heart, a lonely character and an empty scene.. It shouldn’t have been this one sided.