A thousand, to one
No no no, they said
Maybe yes, I still say
Who knows, that’s the point;

Don’t play, with fire
You may burn your finger, they said
You don’t understand, what this is
You don’t know me, I said;

A comma, here and there
It still remains, a comma
Neither a period, nor a capital
A comma, that is what is;

What is it, a comma
Something in between, not sure
Good can follow, maybe bad too
It is what it is, if a comma works;

A comma is also, a separation
Who know who comes first, or last
The independent, no need for comma
The dependent, can’t live without one;

Who knows what a comma is?
At least it’s not a question mark.


To prevent
Any Misunderstanding or Misinterpretation
The following lines are taken
From elsewhere:

I’d break his face
Knee him in the plexus
Give him two tight slaps
Punch him through the jaw
Leave him for dead

Only thing is
She’d bend over him
Tend to his wounds
Have her tears flowing
And her heart aching

He would have a broken nose
I would have a broken heart;

Or maybe I would end up with
Both of them broken.

I’m Wondering Why

Receiver could go haywire
If sender sends mixed signals

Sender could send clear signals
Yet receiver may have tangled antennas

Boy may tell girl he loves her
But girl could think otherwise

Girl could ignore boy
Though boy may think otherwise

She may have the angel in her eyes
Yet she could have the devil in her heart

He may have the devil in his words
But he could have the angel in his soul

She could change her mind
He may not see the reason why

Don’t hurt him there
(Not a second time)

When he’s still here
Waiting for a second time.


Sometimes you wonder if certain things
Are about you or about them
About how you feel or how they feel
Or even how they want to make you feel;

Are questions asked really about the answers
Or do the questions themselves mask the answers?

Herein lies the issue with our stuff:
We simply write it all out in rough
Then substitute words to make them flow
Yet most times we forget the larger whole;

If everyone took care of themselves
There would be more hands to go around;

Does this all sound a little weird?
Who knows.. maybe its deliberate.

Some Thoughts

I was reading up on Hume, Kant and some empirical arguments for the existence of God, and I had some thoughts which I think is appropriate to share. Nothing religious nor anything deep, just some first hand thoughts as I read. 

To prove the existence of God, we need empirical evidence to justify it to be true. Which is to say if we cannot have direct experience of God Himself, we need to at least have an experience of the demonstration of His experience,which likely would be a display of His powers. This would not be a question of whether the parting of the Red Sea did happen or not, or if Jesus did exist; this would be questionable as human account of historical events is fallible and accounts differ. (With no offence to anyone, I believe in Jesus entirely, as I do with the other great great teachers and beings such as the Buddha)

Rather, to prove this existence today, we need God to demonstrate His powers to us in the form of a miracle. Take for example, if God raises a mountain in front of the world; this would be a good demonstration as there are no means known to mankind to raise a mountain out of nowhere in a matter of seconds. This would be an apt demonstration of God’s omnipotence (one of three omnis).

Can you imagine though, if that really happened? People will find ways to know God even more, given that God is proven to exist. Man will attempt to use Science to understand this “phenomena”, and probably go to extreme means to comprehend this. This is really where the problem starts.

A paradox will happen. If God is logically supposed to be beyond Science, and a demonstration is used to prove God’s existence, then Science cannot be used to prove this. If something happens not to be understood but is sought to be understood, then a cyclical dilemma occurs.

That is to say that if the existence of God or God Himself is not to be understood, then this existence is only logical not to be proven or revealed directly. And if God is really proven to exist, his omnipotence etc will all be thrust into the spotlight, and God’s infallibility itself will too be diminished somehow. (We will find a way to reach God physically if He shows Himself to us)

So it is perhaps the desire of man to know God that probably prevents such a knowledge, and it too is the inherent need for man to gain all possible knowledge that it is unlikely for us to know God directly. Which in itself is a complex issue since it is taken to be believed that God created Man, and thus also created this desire in us which keeps us from knowing Him.

Everyone Needs A Best Friend

(My apologies for not writing anything for a long time; military life is indeed very time consuming and leaves little time even for rest. With whatever little space I have to myself during the weekdays, I have not been able to squeeze in space for any writing so let’s see what comes up on a Saturday morning at seven yeah? Have fun everyone, it’s the weekends!)

All of us do get stuck at one point or another:
Points where our compasses swing in all directions and our watches tell a foreign time,
Times when our hearts and minds are not facing the same direction,
Scenes where we stand rooted at the spot with brewing anxiety and unease;

Then the nightmares set in:
We get recurring dreams of getting lost or running away,
Like a reflection of reality we cannot find our bearings or escape fast enough,
Yet we really do not know what we truly are finding or getting away from;

Where has our clarity of mind vanished to?
What has become of the answers to our enquiring prayers?
When is it time for us to get a grip and turn around to face our fears?

I invite you now to reach out your hand and hold on to this person:
This individual in your life whom you can call when you’re feeling scared at three a.m,
This someone whom you seek advice from when faced with diverging paths,
This person whom you ask out for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling down;

I believe this is the very hand that will
Ease your fears and warm your heart when the thunders roar at night,
Take your hand and walk with you along one of the paths all the way to the end,
Bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits when things head downhill;

If at this point you realize that this piece of writing is disjointed and messy,
Do not worry for I can summarise one and twenty lines into a single line,
Presented on a platter with a colon and a space in between:

Everyone needs a best friend.

Us Two, Me and You

B: Someone asked me today if I liked you in a romantic way,

Or if just a friend was what I would want to regard you,

All I told him was ‘I don’t know’ and left it as that may,

Cos I didn’t know if I really was (or am) in love with you at all,

Yes I feel at ease and happy whenever I am with you,

And I want to hold you close whenever I see you near,

But at the same time I am afraid that I might really fall for you,

And that you might not feel the same about us as I do dear,

Yet sometimes I see love when I look into your eyes,

But at other times I sense only a friendship when we touch,

Through all the special little times shared between us two,

Do you think we can indulge and be in love – just me and you?

G: When people ask you how you feel towards me and us,

You always shrug it off coolly and say you don’t know,

Can you not simply say either you love me or love me not,

Must you really keep me in suspense and waiting for so long?

I dare not show you that I like you because I might be mistaken,

So I pull away whenever you get near for fear of getting too close,

What if I really fall for you and you are not there to catch me,

And you do not feel about us the same way as I do?

Sometimes I feel sparks fly between us when our hands brush,

Yet at other times I find that you treat me like a friend and buddy,

Through all the special little moments shared between us two,

Can we share and enjoy a love that is all – just me and you?