To No End

I’m glad
Perhaps the timing is right
Maybe it’s a coincidence
But I’m still glad;

Glad that it makes a difference
Even in some small way
To put things back on track
To make things right again;

I think I can smile at this
Many years on perhaps
That maybe I did change things
Hopefully for the better;

A phase maybe (I don’t know)
I can’t even be sure which is
But if you tell me it is
I’ll take your word for it;

I pushed for it
Maybe I shoudn’t have
I don’t know really
Why don’t you tell me?

On one hand they disturb me
On the other I feel quite relieved
Yet should such conflicts even exist
To trouble a mind to such depth?

The status quo is comfortable
Thus tis’ easier to ignore
For deep thinking deepens disturbance

To no end.


Virtue And Vice

Oh foul and vile fantasies
Stop thy whispering tongue!

Thou shall not commit
Blasphemy against the good
Corruption against the pure
Defilement against the soul;

Away with thy pleasure and pain
That which gives rise to vice
Speakst not in the same tongue
As that which encourages virtue;

Be done when the moon comes up
Be gone when the sun rises east
Show not thy face to the world
Better yet exist not at all!

Dark Side

You hear the Dark Side beckon to you
You treat it as temptation and a lure to darkness
Thinking that you belong to righteousness;

Maybe you belong to the dark all along
You could just be denying it from the start
That to begin with you are one of them;

Perhaps you’ll never know
Until you taste the Dark Side
(They have cookies).

(Star Wars is nothing much without Darth Vader, really. I do quite like Han Solo though, Harrison Ford did great there.)