(The weekends are good for blogging, so here’s one for the day. I don’t think there’s a structure to this one, but make what you will of it yeah? If you have a good analysis or thought about it, do share it with me. Cheers for the weekends!)

Misconstrued intentions
Mistaken notions
Misinterpreted actions
Misdirected goodwill

Just as how beautiful minds cannot thrive in a filthy world
And innocent thoughts cannot filter through a corrupt space

Some people are not meant to fit well into this place.



Just a simple boy with a simple dream,
To meet a simple girl and together do simple things;

Take away the complicated scene of  social interactions,
Do away with the complex setting of unstable emotions;

Imagine the innocent picture of a boy and a girl walking in the sunset,
Their hands held tightly together with hopes and dreams strolling towards the light;

O how bittersweet it is to imagine something so simple,
Yet know that things never are that easy or straightforward; 

Very often it is the shadows of yesterday that affects the hopes of tomorrow,
Where the sunlight of today is masked by the swallowing darkness of past sorrow;

Not Simple.