Who’s Fair

This very notion of Fairness
Is perverted by those who seek
To Falsely uphold it
In the name of rank and office;

Fairness is not
To treat everyone the same
But to know that
It never is the same for all;

Does Fairness in this perverse way
Not sound like Communism?
Same share for everyone
Regardless of work or merit;

I guess Fairness without Flexibility
Is very much like Communism:
Not very attractive and
Bound to fail.


International Young Historians Conference 2014


I’ve just attended the International Young Historians Conference held at UWC SEA and I have to say it was interesting and useful as an academic conference for participants to learn from the different (perhaps not previously considered)  viewpoints and perspectives presented by the other participants and academic papers.

I did my presentation on the concept of Juche and how it compares to other prominent strands of Communism from the likes of Maoism to Marxism. It was exciting as other presentations were deeply grounded in these other forms of Communism and I did worry for a second if there were conflicts in understanding of the different Communist ideologies but as it turned out, everyone did their homework and presented as factually as they could.

Since my presentation document is still open on another browser, I thought it might be good to just include in this post a short extract of the research paper so here it is below.


An extract of the introduction:

“North Korea has been described as the Jurassic Park of Communism. With a state-planned economy and party vanguardism by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP), it is easy to believe that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is indeed the last outpost of the Cold War. However, does the state ideology of North Korea still merit the label of “Communist”? This paper seeks to postulate that while it may be argued that the North Korean state ideology drew and continues to draw heavily upon elements of various Communist schools of thought, it has since veered away from many of the ideas and tenets of a Communist regime to possess its own unique and distinct characteristics.”


If anyone wants access to the full academic paper, just leave me a comment and I’ll either share it or post it up here.