Dedication to Mr R.

(I don’t usually do dedication posts because I’d rather thank and show my appreciation directly to that person, but for this one I think it’d be appropriate because I have a lot of respect for this man, and for the things he have done for his students over the years. He was one of the key figures of my junior college years, and I believe the impact he has left on me will continue to be felt in one way or another, years down the road. Here’s a quick post, but I don’t think words are enough to even start describing anything. Retirement never looked the right word for a man with such abundance of energy. Haha.)

Twenty-five years with the college:

You would have seen so many classes throughout the years
Faces you (probably) wouldn’t recognise some years down the road
Names you would (likely) struggle to remember as you try to recall
People that you have tried your best to make into better humans;

We step through the college doors and we see a tall big British guy
With so much enthusiasm and energy at his age that we wonder
If he is the teenager instead of us and how he seems
More passionate about our learning than we are ourselves;

You had so many of us but we only had one of you Mr R.
Yet you tried to (and did) form a warm relationship with all of us
That many years on when we look back at our junior college years
And specifically The Humanities Programme..

We probably wouldn’t remember (oops) the Economics you taught us
Nor the moments when you scolded us for sluggish afternoons
But we will definitely remember Bhutan and Mt Ophir
As well as the fun and laughter we’ve had out of the classroom;

When we think Humanz
We think Mr R.
Not just now
But decades on too.

Up Front

(This is a post slightly modified from something I’ve read in the classroom recently; it is indeed short, but still a good effort from a young student with the task to write a quatrain in free verse in the classroom. It is good for a stifled giggle nonetheless, good stuff)

She tries to be fierce standing up front everyday
But that little side smile is giving her away:
She looks very cute commanding the class
And in that she makes my heart race real fast.

N, Just Wishful Thinking

(A short post in N’s diary)

You walk into the room and you look around to see who’s in class,
If you were looking to see if I was there – well our eyes met in a light glance, 
You found a seat and sat down beside someone we both didn’t know,
I watch you take your notes out and put on your spectacles while I brush through my hair;

You did not really look in my direction during the lesson while the teacher taught,
That I was aware because I frequently looked in your direction as I pretended deep in thought, 
And yet twice from my corner I caught you stealing a glance from the corner of your eyes, 
Were you trying to see what I was doing or was it nothing but a cursory survey around the class? 

I told you she was my good friend but I think you suspect more than that,
And every time you look at me or talk to me you think of me that afternoon holding her hand, 
So much so that you avoid interactions with me so your affections won’t be so clear,
Do you not feel the conflict and the pain inside you that torments me over here? 

Maybe you don’t even care – it’s all just wishful thinking on my part, 
O why must Cupid’s arrow shoot straight through my heart like a dart? 

Of What May

Looking at the neat stack but not reading a single word on the page,

The spoken words are heard loud and clear but they slip right on by, 

The physical body sits in the classroom while the mind sneaks away, 

To a place and time gone that yet is stuck in the sea of reminiscence;


The streets lights and busy traffic reappear and come alive again,

The laughter and conversations shared between us silently fill the room,

The smooth contours of your face stand out among the faceless crowd, 

Once again the feeling of warmth floods the senses and brings on a smile;


It would have been unjust to fate if we hadn’t made eye contact or talk, 

Or been too caught up with our own affairs to notice each other on board, 

Perhaps the whole experience would have been so much less complete, 

But certainly it would never have been so beautiful if our eyes hadn’t meet;


It’s been awhile since I last had such lovely chemistry with anyone,

While our closeness grew and our hands touch it was all so much fun, 

Yet subtly we are aware of the line that our friendship has drawn for us, 

But littler swayed us as we explore the city and what’s lying in our hearts;


We tempted the hands of fate and courted something of what may,

Now all we can do is sit back and watch as destiny show us the way.