Judge All You Want

To look upon a man and his work
Is that the proper thing to do?

To judge a man’s character based on
His work
Is that the fair thing to do?

I maintain always that he’s a nice guy
Outside of what he does inside
Is that the right thing to do?

It’s all subjective really
But I say give the man a chance
Pass one judgement less each day:
That is the best thing to do.

(Just a rant after seeing some people judge an individual just because he doesn’t put in any effort into a job he is forced against his will to do.)


You used to like him for what you thought was good
The keywords being ‘thought’ and ‘good’
Since both are pretty subjective
One personal and the other universal;

You never saw the other side of him
The side that is buried and tucked away
The face that is hidden from everyone else
The one that even he himself doesn’t know;

Yet with just one look you pass a judgement
A false one based upon perception and bias
Made with murky waters and expired smoke
One so misplaced and misconstrued;

You think you know better
But really you don’t
and well..

Neither does he.


I don’t mean Usain Bolt, or Michael Phelps, or even Djokovic; I mean the everyday guy who plays to win all the time. 

To speak of champions like Schumacher, Sampras or Earl Anthony and discuss their competitiveness is to say a modern Ferrari is quite fast; these people epitomise what it means to have the passion for their sport, and the desire to win. What is more interesting for today would instead be to talk about the competitiveness of the daily Joe and how he seems to want to win in everything.. even casual mealtime table soccer. 

There is a naturally high streak of competitiveness in some people, and their eyes burn with the desire to win in almost everything they do. They seek to do better than everyone else in academics, in appearing smarter during conversations, in running a quarter mile, in a friendly game of football.. in everything really. 

It can cause people to want to play for / against them because it adds an edge to the team or the overall game, or it can cause people to respond otherwise in that it causes the game to be too serious, and takes the fun away due to the tension caused. I’m sure there’s someone in your head right now. How do you feel about thy person?

You can’t blame him really; it’s something in born in him that he can’t really control. It’s like a chemical in him that gets activated when a situation calls for competition. It’s quite like adrenaline: it pumps naturally and when he’s in the zone, his eyes are fixated only on winning. He doesn’t play; he plays to win. And that’s just how he is naturally. 

However, (there always is a however) that person’s competitiveness, or rather over-competitiveness can be a hindrance to himself because it would mean defeat comes at a much larger impact to him. He would likely not be one to take defeat lightly upon himself, and it is likely to affect him more than others. This could be a good thing if it drives him to push himself to better his abilities, but if it seeks to demotivate or derail him.. then it really isn’t ideal. Depending on who he is, it could have an equally astonishing positive or negative impact.

Besides this, it would also make him much more individualistic. His fixation on victory would result in very much a singlemindedness in him, and he will push himself in a way that he would be nearer to winning than losing. This drive is often running only in himself, and thus would very much single him out in casual or friendly settings. But of course if you have a whole group of people like that put together.. You get Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona or Manchester United. 

So you can’t stop the competitive guy from being competitive because he is just being himself, something that is naturally in him. You could remind him to kick back and chill once in awhile, but overall you need to accept him for who he is. He is very much a game spoiler if taken wrongly but chances are.. He’s the game changer if you know how to exploit this zeal in him.

Are you someone like that?

The Individual

Light drizzle, cool night

“It is eventually all about the individual.”

The above line is commonly heard and said by people in regards to a person’s success or downfall, citing the fact that it  is ultimately the strength and choice of the individual / self that is the main causal factor of the outcome. The statement is quite subjective and incident-based and it is not applicable to some people and cases, since nothing really is in reality. Of course, in success stories such as the late, great Steve Jobs or the whizz-of-our-time Bill Gates, it clearly was and has always been about the individual.. with a decent inclusion of luck plus opportunity and affinity, definitely.

If we pay close attention to how success happens for some people and not anyone else, we would realize that many a time success and permanent failure borders on the individual and the way his mind works. The individual has the choice to decide whether he is willing to fulfill his desire at all cost or not, and also the choice of whether he is willing to push the limit of the strength of his character or not. If the answer to both is a resounding YES, then success is an equally loud GIVEN as well.

A feeble character will not be able to sustain and survive the entire arduous route to success, just like how a fickle mind is not able to stay on track and not walk astray from the journey to the same location. As such, a strong and determined individual must control his mind and strive beyond the supposed strength and grid of his character to reach the pinnacle that is known as success.

Without doubt, obstacles such as distractions, momentary failures and emotional or physical weariness will stand in the way as we endeavor to scale the heights towards our final objective or goal. It has not and will never be an easy mission. Just ask those on their way, and those that have reached.. you might get answers that will either motivate you or put you off; but whatever the answer is, ‘easy’ will not be included or featured.

Have you what it takes to reach the peak in time to catch the sunrise?