(If Only) You Were Here

We could have a cup of coffee or tea and maybe
A croissant to fill ourselves up just a little;

We could sit in the cozy warm light and
Perhaps just relax to a light jazz number or two;

We could get ourselves to do some talking and share
Some of our plans and aspirations for the future;

We could simply sit there and do nothing but just
Enjoy each other’s company before the morning is up;

We could do all these and so much more if only

You were here.

No Comfort Nor Warmth

She was a keeper in every sense of the word and he thought
He could dominate her and possess every bit of her as if
She belonged wholly to him – every single inch of her all under
His control and all for his manipulation and order;

He never would have thought that one day even this faithful of a girl
Could get tired enough to turn around and walk away from him – forever
Never to ever return a call or a text or to even see him once ever again:
Gone like the autumn breeze which never again would drift by for a moment in time;

It was when the autumn breeze no longer caressed the back of his hair
That he realised he should have enjoyed the magic in the air a little more
And cherish the lightness in his spirits and steps which she brought him –
A spark which only she and she alone could ignite and make blossom;

With her and autumn gone there only was
The coldness of winter left to comfort him:

That which is of no comfort nor warmth.

(Very loose writing inspired by three lines describing a relationship; a relationship which has past and is likely a forgotten memory. It’s a five minutes job in a cafe while chatting with a friend, but I still hope it is worth a read.)

Why I Never Said Hello (So I Need Not Say Goodbye)

I saw you but a couple of hours ago,
The coffee in your cup was still fragrant and warm,
A gentle steam rose above the surface past the rims,
That look of intent on your face while sipping coffee and thinking; 

It was pretty crowded and I took a long glance at you,
Strangely my vision at that instant showed me no one else there but you, 
The centre of focus and everything else around a blur, 
Sitting there in your sweater doing work and watching the world go by;

I didn’t come over to say hello,
I didn’t feel you would like me to,
I couldn’t think of what to say to you, 
I couldn’t know if you would want to see me;

Now I’m gazing again at the very seat my eyes left you some time ago,
The cup is still there and there is but a sip of coffee left over,
This time there’s no steam rising above the rims of the coffee cup,
This time what’s left is your shadow – you aren’t there anymore;

All that’s left now is the cup that belongs to no one, 
A vacant seat there awaiting the next customer, 
The magic which attracted me there is all but gone,
And a heart as empty now belongs to no one and awaits for someone;

Maybe I should have said hello, 
Perhaps I should never have walked away,
Never to have let you go,
Now the moment’s gone and you’ve left; 

Why I never said hello:
So I need not say goodbye,
But looking at the empty cup now, 
There’s not even a goodbye to say anymore. 


(you know who you are, N knows it too)

She Walks By

I lift my weary head and direct my gaze outside the cafe – she walks by the window,
Her hips sashay casually and her black pleated skirt floats gently above her knees,
A plain peach-coloured crop-top wears itself smoothly over her well-endowed upper body, 
Giving her a look of simplicity and ease yet offering a subtle sense of sophistication and chic; 

It was all of five seconds in that beautiful encounter and then she was out of sight, 
Yet for all that five seconds eternity seemed to have taken over and I was entirely lost in that moment,
It was as if time has stopped and the world stood still for me to just admire her as she walks by, 
Forever a moment in time captured in the crystal recesses of my memory bank somewhere in my mind; 

I went back to the same place many a time and tried looking out for her, 
But never once by the window of that cafe did the girl again appear. 

That Very Moment

Fingers interlocked with hands wrapped tightly palm to palm,
He holds onto her hand ever so tightly and feels his fingers nestled nicely between hers;

Their hair brushes onto their faces and they get really close to each other,
She leans in close and takes a long deep breathe of him while he kisses her on the forehead gently;

A moment of comforting silence takes place around them in their world,
The sound of their surrounding fades away into the distance and a peaceful calm takes over; 

They close their eyes and get all but lost in that very moment together,
Praying that time could just stop there so that their love could go on and last forever. 

There There

I walk down the same old bookstore aisle and turn that same little corner,
Expecting to see you sitting in front of that shelf searching for a play there;

I buy my cup of tea at the cafe and take an empty seat somewhere,
Feeling somehow you’ll be at the regular table – you always do your work there;

I pick up a book and flip through a couple of pages,
Sensing you’ll just spoil the rest of the story for me (just cos you’ve read it) there;

I walk past our regular coffee joint and look at the pretty pastries and comfortable chairs,
Remembering the barely edible things you used to bake and the cakes we used to eat there;

I reach for my phone and squint at the notifications,
Knowing somewhere that your name would show up with a few silly hearts right there;

But you’re not there anymore, 
Maybe you never were there for me before.

– blame it on / credits to kino, and the melancholic music they play (23 Feb 2014)

In A Cafe

10pm on a star-filled night in a cafe of couples I sit alone,

Looking up from the edge of my laptop I see people talking,

Taking my eyes away from my Lit text I see people sipping coffee,

Little moments shared between people are what make life worthwhile;


I steal a glance at my latte once hot and tempting now cold and empty,

 I reach for my pen and scribble a line or two to ink down what I feel,

 Yet this feeling growing inside of me is not to be revealed on paper still, 

 For only due course will tell what becomes of this time that soon will fade into memory.