(The weekends are good for blogging, so here’s one for the day. I don’t think there’s a structure to this one, but make what you will of it yeah? If you have a good analysis or thought about it, do share it with me. Cheers for the weekends!)

Misconstrued intentions
Mistaken notions
Misinterpreted actions
Misdirected goodwill

Just as how beautiful minds cannot thrive in a filthy world
And innocent thoughts cannot filter through a corrupt space

Some people are not meant to fit well into this place.

Everyone Needs A Best Friend

(My apologies for not writing anything for a long time; military life is indeed very time consuming and leaves little time even for rest. With whatever little space I have to myself during the weekdays, I have not been able to squeeze in space for any writing so let’s see what comes up on a Saturday morning at seven yeah? Have fun everyone, it’s the weekends!)

All of us do get stuck at one point or another:
Points where our compasses swing in all directions and our watches tell a foreign time,
Times when our hearts and minds are not facing the same direction,
Scenes where we stand rooted at the spot with brewing anxiety and unease;

Then the nightmares set in:
We get recurring dreams of getting lost or running away,
Like a reflection of reality we cannot find our bearings or escape fast enough,
Yet we really do not know what we truly are finding or getting away from;

Where has our clarity of mind vanished to?
What has become of the answers to our enquiring prayers?
When is it time for us to get a grip and turn around to face our fears?

I invite you now to reach out your hand and hold on to this person:
This individual in your life whom you can call when you’re feeling scared at three a.m,
This someone whom you seek advice from when faced with diverging paths,
This person whom you ask out for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling down;

I believe this is the very hand that will
Ease your fears and warm your heart when the thunders roar at night,
Take your hand and walk with you along one of the paths all the way to the end,
Bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits when things head downhill;

If at this point you realize that this piece of writing is disjointed and messy,
Do not worry for I can summarise one and twenty lines into a single line,
Presented on a platter with a colon and a space in between:

Everyone needs a best friend.

Now and Forever (One Love)

I miss spending time with you:
Times when there was only you and me
Spending nostalgic nights and lonely evenings together
– Just the two of us alone at last at twilight time;

I would hold you tight and gently caress you
Where you would be quietly sitting on my lap
Or lying beside me counting stars and sometimes
I would rest my heavy head on your slender figure and rounded shoulders;

I love the sweet melody you make when we get into the mood:
Sometimes my fingers move fast and rough while other times slow and meticulous
Going up and down and sometimes with more than one finger
Where with each stroke you grow louder and sound more attractive than ever;

Some of my friends adore the exotic way you look while others secretly tell me
You don’t look great and they wonder why I chose you to begin with;

I guess I’ll have to admit:

I know there are others out there who feel better in my arms,
Others who are prettier and more worthy to be shown off,
Those that can be boasted of how great they sound
Or how dropdead gorgeous they look;

But really in all honesty:
All that doesn’t matter one bit because
You are mine and I love the way we sound together
Where everything feels oh so right as if you were crafted for me
(It just doesn’t feel right with any other else besides you);

I don’t get to spend much time with you now and I miss you so,
Two days in a week spent with you is not (and never will be) enough;

I think of you day and night and this I dedicate to you:
One guitar, one love, now and forever.

(Once again, another shot at romanticizing military life through the separation between me and my guitar; I hope you all like it as much as ‘My Valentine’ and I hope to receive feedback if there are any that you think can improve my writing. Cheers!)

My Valentine

I didn’t do much on Valentine’s except that

I held her around my arms all day and all night,
Felt her firm butt against my body and palms,
Traced my fingers along the curves of her slender body and realized
She is just so perfect yet sensitive to the touch;

I stripped her twice over and got a clear view of
What’s within and underneath all that complexities and raggedness;

While sometimes she gets behind me there are other times when
I hold her tight in front of me (and wishing never to let go);

She opens my eyes to the skies and I love the fact that
She is always well lubricated and shoots fast and hard;

Meet SAR21 – S285:
My Rifle and My Valentine.

(I am trying to romanticize military life and I think I just failed pretty miserable; hope future attempts would be better! I actually am starting to like my rifle haha)

What’s Due

(Just a short 5 minute scribble before I continue the night listening to Elvis. The King’s on the playlist tonight haha)

I have a feeling that all of us – yes probably every single one of us
Expect some things from life which we are likely to consider
Things that are due to us: in the sense that we’re entitled to certain things in life
Maybe in the material form or in terms of our circumstances;

We think perhaps that life owes us things which we rightfully deserve
Like maybe a well to do background or a happy family
Or possibly other things like having a set of parents who are more lax
Or maybe getting the same privileges and golden spoons in life that others have;

We want so many things from and out of life that I’m not too sure
If we’re sometimes asking for too much at a go and doing so too often
That we forget that life owes us nothing and what is due to us
Is not really due to us because it is not a right but is rather more a gift;

It is hard to explain why some people start with great footings and have
All the things in life which we ourselves want so badly but cannot have
Without bringing in the concept or idea of karma – that all things are a result of
Causation and Effect where all that is given is decided by what is before;

Perhaps the best that we can do in life is not to focus on what is due (owed) to us
But rather focus on what can be achieved and gained due to us:
Our hard work and will in doing the best we can for ourselves
So that we can with our own hands create a life that we want for ourselves;

So when and what is everything due (to) really?

Carpe Diem / Resolution Resolved

it’s the time of the year again
To look at the resolution lists we’ve made yesteryear
So that with the last month of December we can
Attempt to tick off the boxes left and fulfil the wishes made;

In the list we undoubtedly will see
The hopes and aspirations we had with us at the beginning
Where as we journey down the list (and year) and look at where we are now
Can we say we’ve achieved what we’ve set out to reach?

Be it eight or eighteen or even eighty bulleted points we have,
We know at the beginning what we would have liked
To make out of a new year and a new experience
Even if the year’s routine looks pretty much the same (or different);

What we aimed to but did not do for the whole year round
Let us attempt to reach for that star in the month of December
So that we can close the year knowing that we’ve tried
Such that in our hearts we can check that box (as having tried);

Of course we can always push it over to the next year:
Let the same goal appear on the resolution list again
Where in the next year we will seek to achieve
What we could not do so in the past twelve months;

Except that what we need to remember is,
Better yet done this year than next because
If year after year it simply does not get done then
Perhaps eventually we will drop it and never will get it done;

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

Think Otherwise

(Just 5 minutes before I tackle the intricacies of Southeast Asian History)

Its not rare for us sometimes to look at how old we are
And think quietly to ourselves,
‘hey, ain’t I all grown up already?’

As though the numbers actually mean something;

You think of yourself as perhaps an eighteen year old
That is all ready to take on the world after college
With a future to look ahead to
And a university and career waiting in store;

You think of all the things you’re going to get
For yourself
Such as your first car or first house or first dog or
Even your first girlfriend or first job;

Then you get a little lost with all these thoughts
For a while – not long but just a while,
And then you look at the things around you and
The main things that you think about in your free time:

That it was only a few months ago when you were still in school
Wearing maybe a uniform and doing something really immature
Like dirtying your whole mouth eating your favourite ice cream cone
Or just sitting on the slide with your best friend laughing;

And then you can’t help but wonder:
Have I really grown up?
Are the times really bygone now?

In a twinkle perhaps you will realize
That sometimes some things in life never will change:

Your childhood best friend will always stay as your childhood best friend
While your favourite ice cream too will stay as your favourite ice cream
And you’ll always stay the person that you were and are

Except that you may think otherwise.