Dear Prudence 

Pitter patter the raindrops fall,

Doo dup doo dup the heartbeats rain,

Obladi Oblada the music goes,

I stand in the rain listening to the Fab Four,

Glass Onion. 


Your Life

Find one day in your life, to really be yourself;

Do away with expectations, that of others and that of yourself;

Play a chord and sing a note that you think sounds correct, and feel it for yourself;

Dress as you would want to see yourself, not how others would want;

Speak words of kindness and words of sense, and maybe disagree agreeably;

Be the individual that is true to the self, not as how people think or want you to be;

Live the life you want to and be the person you truly are, even if only for a day;

A day in your life. 

My Word (Against Theirs)

My word against theirs:

Words of sincerity and talks of friendship
Schemes of defamation and speech of untruth

You took the latter and tainted the former
As though splashing dirt onto a clean sheet;

My word against theirs:

You should have chosen your friends carefully
But its really too late for remorse now

You took the latter and smeared the former
As though the friendship meant nothing at all;

My word against theirs:
You should never have chosen the other.