Lessons We Learn 

It is unavoidable in life to go through tough moments and rough patches; it forms the downs in life to contrast with the ups which we enjoy and are thankful for. 

There always are lessons to learn in life, and many of them necessary and mandatory for us to become better individuals in this world. We encounter challenges and through them we know more of ourselves and learn more about what life is about. Hard as the lessons of life may be, they remain crucial in our progress as humans and as souls. The soul is perfect, but it’s perfection has to be discovered amidst our humanly imperfections and shortfalls.

As they would often quote, “life is an endless journey of learning and discovery”. This journey however, does not stop merely at one lifetime. For the lifetimes that have been and are to come, our soul is slowly unrevelling it’s perfection to us, and its place as part of the universe is slowly being discovered and liberated by the things we learn throughout our different lifetimes in the world. The hardship of one life may be a preparation for the luxury and indulgence of another, to provide in possibly equal proportions of both so that we hold strong to what we are amidst both mortal experiences. 

In this journey we must learn as much as we can, and strive to always retain clarity regardless of what circumstances there may be. Embrace the challenges, enjoy the successes, for they all form part of an experience that would lead us ultimately to realising the full potential of our soul and the universe. 


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