Positivity One, Negativity Zero 

I have close to no writing window today, so I’ll make it a quick one. This is the time of the year where things are intense with exams either here or around the corner, reports to submit, and relationships to mend before the year closes. 

I’m sure many of us are rushing to complete things we’ve placed on our resolutions list at the start of the year, things which we have carelessly forgotten or have had no time to fulfill up till now. It’s a mad rush now to shed those pounds, make up with that one friend we may have fallen out with over a thoughtless moment, complete that report which we have left untouched since August.. there’s much to do before December comes round where we have to start thinking of how to deal with next year even as our year now looks far from finished. 

It’s time to take our tasks up with full throttle, and complete them before we start shopping for Christmas presents again. It’s good if we maintain or restart our positive mindset again, to ensure we do not get overwhelmed by our commitments and unfinished work. It’s always a heavy period in October, and it is quite common to feel burned out as we head towards the close of the year. We need to keep our spirits (and chin) up and pace ourselves to end the race neatly and with a good timing; a generally positive mentality and a bunch of optimistic friends is invaluable to the home run. 

Good night everyone, remember.. It’s always nice to count your blessings and smile before you sleep. 


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