Hammer, Arrow and a Red Lightning

(The long awaited Polling Day is finally here, after a quiet Cooling Off Day yesterday. I’m very excited for the release of results tonight, and I can’t wait to see how narrow (or wide) things can get in constituencies such as East Coast, Marine Parade and Holland-Bukit Timah. Here’s a little something from traveling across the island and catching many polling stations in action today.)

Old men in white ironed shirts walk slowly along streets
With a white card in hand and a vision of yesteryears
A remembrance of good days gone by where their hair
Now grey was once lush and black;

They remember their humble village:
Transformed into a first world city that came
With a flash of Red Lightning and a Strong Man –
Change was there and life altered for the better;

Younger men in starched red shirts and blue tops
Walk the same streets with the same white card in hand
With a vision of years to come and what lies ahead
A hope of better days to come as their hair slowly grey;

They remember their modern city:
Houses and cars expensive beyond understanding
With a city filled with foreign faces and names
Where competition is high and provident funds appear withheld;

Both have the Red Lightning in mind as they step into stations:
One with a memory of yesterday and another with a vision of tomorrow
Where one looks upon the change that came
While the other looks at the change that is to come;

The Hammer and the Arrow promises change with their hearts
The Red Lightning assures improvement with their heads;

Vote wisely throughout the week they all say,
Let’s see tonight who shall emerge on top in the fray.


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