Had It All (and More) / Far and Few

(Nomination Day for General Elections 2015 has just passed, and things are getting exciting and heated as we head towards Polling Day. I would love to attend a rally sometime, but duties to the country probably wouldn’t allow for that.. so I guess my fun for this round of the GE15 is limited to this space. I’m very excited, and I look forward to good fights and positive results.)

That guy who humbled himself and spoke to you,

He was at the pinnacle of almost all that he has done before:
From top national student to student council president
To qualifications from the world’s most prestigious of universities
To being the best at what he practices all around the globe;

He doesn’t need the money from a ward he protects and serve,
He probably has enough money to last him a whole lifetime if needed;

He doesn’t need the recognition from speaking to people at rallies,
He most likely had enough awards and praise at the top of his profession;

He doesn’t need to fight as the underdog against mighty opponents,
He has always been a giant and winner at the things that he do;

It was right to question his motives four years back when he first started..

After all how many men who had it all (and more) would give it up
To fight for a better future for those whom he cares and wants the best for?

Far and few indeed.


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