(Here’s a midweek post in the midst of SAF Day, a half day off for all country-loving and proud soldiers. Hope all military personnel in Singapore get a good rest, and congratulations to all those who received a promotion today.)

I watched as the two walked away:
Their silhouettes disappearing in the sunset,
Their laughter trailing off in the distance,
Their military combat days over in the twilight;

Off they go to academic training once more,
Away from the fields and mud they walk on,
To stethoscopes and mannequins they embark,
Leaving behind a parade square of men in the dark;

I feel the urge to go but I know I need fear not,
For my bags too are packed and ready to move on,
Not sure where to or what to they shall head towards,
But for certainty the dirt and the dust is what they shall pass;

I’ll be right there with you soon.


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