Couple Watches

(This post is just me messing around with a love story recently; it’s quite fun I would say. The incongruence at certain points are deliberate to reflect some sort of tension and sarcasm between the two parties. I don’t know, just read and you’ll find out.)

You told me you wanted a set of couple watches for us
To wear together so that each time we look at our wrists
We would be reminded of each other and of our love:
That it is our love which makes moments and time worthwhile;

You said we could wear them when we went out together
Or when we went out separately with our own friends
So that wherever we go and whatever we do
We could see each other in our hearts through our timepieces;


Well I say it is not a great idea because it is far too cliche
Where one of our styles and preferences would be compromised
Simply because it is unlikely that we would like the same watch
Which means one of us would get a watch that is second(s) to us;

I know you think it is romantic and oh so lovey-dovey for us to do it
But fact of the matter I say love need not be expressed to be so:
It is a feeling deep within us that needs no object to symbolise
Nor does it necessitate any material goods on us to actualise;

Okay that is enough – let’s cut to the chase:

We never were that compatible anyway,
So what makes you think we would both like the same watch one day?


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