(I’m back with the romanticization of military life series! This round it’ll be a short post because the experience was pretty bad with wet socks, soaked uniform and shooting without a scope; more posts to com when there is admin time again.)

It was one of the worst downpours I’ve seen,
Definitely one of the most drenched I’ve been;

I was firing rounds in the heavy rain,
Watching my shots penetrate figures twelve and fifteen

Thinking of the shots you took at me
Which penetrated my heart and every inch of me
As though
There are target boards on me everywhere;

My shots were off today but yours were all on target:
Oh what a shooter you are.

(I know the form of this scribble is pretty weird, but it is intended to reflect the confusion, agitation and pressure of the moment where the thought process is staggered, much like how a person chokes on tears. Shots in this post are both literal and metaphorical.)


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