Til Then, Adieu

(I’ve reserved this blog for anything but long paragraphs of prose, but for this dedication post I shall break that rule for once. Hope you enjoy it, its an attempt at a sentimental piece)

“One..! Two..! Three..! Four..! Five..!”

I hear the students out in the parade square, counting as they warm up with head rotation exercises, jumping jacks, push ups and bountiful of energy. I have been hearing this every morning for the past month now, sometimes while sitting in the staffroom figuring out a history source or literature text, other times while conducting the morning PE lessons standing at the head of the class.

Today’s the second last morning for the year that I would be listening to this lively bunch skipping counts (at times) as they stretch and prepare for the fitness and games that are to come, and I can’t help but gaze from the second storey to see all that I will miss after I clear my desk and sign off for the last time tomorrow afternoon. I’ve grown to like what I hear now, and I’ve grown to enjoy the times I have around this tiny little campus we call Evergreen, Our School. Be it the classroom or the canteen, I feel that there is something so right in this place.

I just heard the bell go for my next lesson, so I suppose this post has to have a closure anytime now. I guess all (good) things must come to an end, be it this post or this internship, much as we try to convince ourselves otherwise sometimes. I shall head into the classroom and tell my students that my stint with the school is coming to an end, and I believe those who have tested me most and challenged me greatest will be the ones hardest to let go of.

To all in the staffroom, classroom and around the school, I hope you’ve enjoyed my company and loved me as much as I’ve enjoyed your company and loved you all in this short period of time we have spent together. As they say, goodbye does not mean we’ll never meet again..

‘Til then, adieu.


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