New Guitar: Epiphone EJ-200CE

If you guys were wondering why I’ve been blogging much lesser these days, it’s because of this new instrument below.


It’s a brand new Vintage Sunburst Epiphone EJ-200CE, a great sounding guitar known as the “King of the Flat Tops”. It is the Epiphone equivalent of the Gibson J200, possibly one of the most famous acoustic guitars ever as played by some of the most well known figures such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Don Everly, Bob Dylan and many others.

It is a great sounding acoustic guitar that is versatile and easy to play for all levels of guitar playing. The built-in pick-up, the eSonic2, is a reputable pick-up that comes with NanoFlex and NanoMag which allows for a wide range of sounds to be achieved.

With a beautiful Jumbo body shape, great sound and ease of playing, this guitar is definitely suitable for any guitar player interested in an acoustic guitar that is worth many times its price. As a plus, this guitar is probably the most recognisable acoustic guitar ever made. Certainly worth a try.


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