A Moment In Time

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

All of us await one moment in life where
We are truly free and ourselves and can do what we want –
Regardless of what it is that we do or how we want to do it
There is a moment we all wait for: to be free and to be ourselves;

I don’t mean something simple like running away from overly protective parents
Or getting out of the restraining grip of school or society:
I mean one moment in time where we break free from all burdens and chains
To be who we and what we are – truly and without any repression;

The whole idea of delayed gratification or the classic ‘when I am / when I have..’
Is founded based upon this (distant) ideal of being totally free and at will
A state where there no longer is any force inhibiting us or holding us back
Where (and when) we run free and easy beyond what material can comfort;

This moment possibly will never come at all:
Yet we all know that we anchor our dreams upon this one moment in time
Created in the depths of our souls for the final gratification that is to come
Possibly a time and place where angels float amidst the heavenly spheres;

Are you waiting for such a moment?


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