The Songs We Used To Sing

Songs are remembered for the memories and people
That we (unknowingly or otherwise) associate the songs to –
Whether a previous lover or acquaintance or even a random stranger;

We never would know who or what exactly we relate songs to
Until we hear the songs being played and the memories start flooding back:
Whether a scene at a cafe or just a simple exchange of words
Some songs are just defined by the moments captured and the memories evoked;

Not every song is like that – in fact most songs are just what they are
Except the really special few which we have come to represent
Certain places or people or even just a mere ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’
That become memories revisited whenever the song is heard;

If you listen to a song and reminiscence of a time past
Perhaps you really do miss certain people and certain moments;

Just like the songs we used to sing.


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