For a Friend (Who Has Flown Off)

We threw punches at each other in and out of class
Like little boys trying to catch the other off-guard
The punches flew in sometimes exaggerated fashions
While the blocks and parrying were dispatched in movie-like stances;

I would brace and let you try a new punching style
While you would shield to allow me a shot at a new kick
As though we were Bruce Lee or Ip Man or some world renown martial artist
Demonstrating our famous sidekicks or one-inch punches;

While some punches may have hurt and other kicks may have stung
I did enjoy every bit of our friendship (yes – even your silly slangs and weird ways)
And I’m really glad we did all that martial arts and ‘wannabe’ kungfu master together
To the extent of calling each other ‘sifu’ and throwing punches as we go;

Take care my friend: you’ll become a kungfu master someday somewhere
And yes I echo your wish that may our paths all cross again someday:
All you have to do is to buy an airplane ticket and come back to see us –
That’s al it takes for our paths to cross and our lives to intersect again (that’s easy!)

(Til then, bon voyage and may the punches and kicks get better and faster)


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