A Little Thought (to Norwegian Wood)

(Just a little thought after reading one of Murakami’s most famous works, Norwegian Wood; it was a great read)

You give the impression that there is in life
A void that is present in everyone that is created
By the departure of a loved one or the loss of love
That cannot be filled by normal means of escape or cure;

The extensive amount of sex (and alcohol) that Watanabe goes through
Is but meaningless and does nothing to his emotional and spiritual needs
Where it merely satisfies his physical desires for security and pleasure
Yet does not ease the agony and emptiness he experiences;

The idea of a sanatorium too appears very much appealing to the pained
But it takes a turn when it is revealed to be nothing more than a zone of escape
That merely allows one to run away to a rural recluse far away from harsh realities
Seeking solace (forever) in hills hidden away from what is painful in life;

It does too appear that there is no escape from the scars and ghosts of life
Other than by means of suicide by which Naoko and Kizuki chose:
To die rather than to live and to choose the dead over the living
Which (in reality) does ease the pains of living but causes pain to the living;

There seems to be no escape from life where one by one
The characters lose their mind and get embattled and worn down
By the battles and voices that rage within the head and distort reality
Where eventually even Watanabe appears to have lost himself (and his mind);

Can love be the divine cure for what is irreversibly painful in life,
Or is love the curse of what is inevitably joyful in life?
In one moment in time all that is perfect can be shattered
By a loss and realisation that constructs a black hole by which there is no escape;

Yes indeed it speaks to the living and mourns the dead:
Linked by love.


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