Here is a secret between the two of us which
I’ve never told anyone anytime anyhow
That is about the memories and times we have shared
That others do not know about;

It would be like the times we built sandcastles in the beach
With spades and buckets we really didn’t know how
Where one dome was raised while another fell
But we had fun in the sun and didn’t care for much;

Or like the times when we went to Disneyland and got lost
Amongst Mickey and Minnie and were just so thrilled
We didn’t know some of the characters but we didn’t bother
Because they were all so cute and magic was in the air;

Maybe it involves the times we spent having silly little arguments
Over who would pack up after a game of Monopoly or Uno
Or who would do the dishes for the night as decided by
A game of rock-paper-scissors or me (and you) just being lazy;

Not forgetting too the times when we got into trouble (you, me or both)
And looked for each other just to talk about things or to seek advice
Where some of these words were just thoughtless but still we had each other
To bail one another out whenever we were being rash or just plain silly;

Just to add in too the nights when we couldn’t sleep
Times which we spent singing or telling funny stories that
Continued on and on until either one of us fell asleep
Or until things got quiet (which meant both of us falling asleep);

Or possibly the times too when we went red packet collecting
During Chinese New Year or present-exchanging during Christmas
Where we would spend moments staring at the magical Christmas tree
Hoping day after day that presents would mysteriously appear under it;

Lastly perhaps too the times when we trained for our fitness tests together
And worked our soles to practice our serves and forehands on the tennis court
Where in other evenings we went cycling against the setting sun
Feeling as though there is nothing in the world that can stop or tire us;

These are the things I never told anyone about simply because
These secrets are to remain between the two of us – just me and you:
People wouldn’t understand even if we started telling them these things,
They’ll just think it silly or wouldn’t even bother altogether;

These secrets shall be kept secrets for as long as we know
And for as far as we can carry them because
These secrets do not exist anywhere else at all other than
The imaginary world created by the two of us (but really more like just one of us);

Maybe someday I’ll visit you on the other side of reality.


3 thoughts on “Secrets

    1. thank you Annabeth(: you may not know, but I’m very often at your blog; I love the things you write, except that I haven’t chosen the right words to comment on them yet(: cheers Annabeth!

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