The Game

There’s a game that we all play
Whether we’re old or young or fat or slim
A game which (ironically) we rarely see children playing
A game more often played the more we grow up;

We think that games are for kids
And we associate games with childhood and innocence
Where kids do it for the joy and happiness
Where laughter and fun fill the air;

There’s this game that kids do not much play
For both the reason of not knowing how to
As well as for the reason of not being willing to:

This isn’t a game for the innocent and pure;

True enough:
There are classic elements of avoidance and outmanoeuvring
Where one tries to get the better of the other with smart moves
Not much different from children’s games of snake&ladder or scrabble;

This game however extents beyond the boundaries of win or lose
Where the consequences are far more severe and
The intentions behind every move and every strategy
Can be dark and filled with malicious intent;

It is no doubt the game of blame – The Blame Game:
A game that children do not play because they are
Too innocent to understand the rules of the game and
Too pure to even comprehend why blames need to be shifted;

Kids own up and apologize when things go wrong,
We grow up and through the years learn to do otherwise;

I wish games were left only to be played by the young and pure at heart.

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