Story of Remembrance

Tonight I take a little walk
Down memory lane with my soles
To little hideouts hardly explored and alleys
Hardly ever visited even though just around the corner;

I take them down to the age old dinosaur park
Which Rosa calls by it’s official name Fu Shan Garden
But to us kids who grew up around that area we know
That the dinosaurs in the garden come alive when the adults look away;

I see people sitting on benches sharing a drink
Exchanging little secrets in the shade and just talking
About the day and of days that are to come
Smiling as they wind down in the cool evening breeze;

With every step I take I feel them wearing down:
My soles are getting worn out and jaded by
The countless hours of walking and running
That they appear almost to be losing their grip and bearing;

I take a little slip and lose my balance for a moment:
Not enough to fall but just enough for me to realize
That it is about time that I stop relying on these old soles of mine
And take a step forward to move on to other things out there;

The soles and soul need a renewal every now and then
But it doesn’t mean we forget the things we had
Which brought us so far and gave us so much
To see us to where we stand proudly today;

This is the story of remembrance.


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