Just An Interview

(5 minutes after an interview, let’s go)

This time round it is little other than
One of the government ministries that sits on the other end
Not much really – just an interview for a position of
An intern with the education ministry;

The questions were standard but the answers
They admitted were a little stranger than expected
Because this is a practical society where
Ideals are best left in the dressing room (and I know that);

The questions were a little controversial and are issues
That across society have been hotly debated both
For and against this very notion that involves
The idea of meritocracy and equality;

I’m not sure if you wanted to go there – this notion of meritocracy
But if you ask me for my personal opinion then
That is exactly what I’m going to present you
Nothing but the very truth of what I think (and possibly know);

It was an interesting discussion that possibly exceeded
Where an intern or a teacher should go with the ministry
But I don’t really think it matters because
Let’s not stifle opinions and engage in useless group think;

That is the ministry and this is
Just an interview.


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