A Helping Hand

(5 minutes after lunch, let’s go. This is just a short tale for the afternoon, rather interesting I think; tell me what you all think as well yeah?)

I tried to show you that I could get up
With my own effort and strength to the point that
I tried to stand up without using my hands
And with one foot permanently off the ground;

It is difficult to elevate oneself from sitting down
Without the use of the hands and merely relying
On the strength of one leg to lift the mass of the entire person
But I thought I could and I thought I could show you how;

You laughed and said nothing
But you offered me your hand and told me
‘Sometimes you don’t have to do things alone
When it is much easier with a helping hand’;

I kept silent and took your hand with a smile
But in my mind I know that this is what it is:
A hand is always held out for you to reach for
And sometimes you really don’t have to do things alone;

This is the basis of our friendship.


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