Make A Difference

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

There are days when you can’t help but just
Sit there and wonder what you’ve been doing
With your life thus far and you begin to ponder over
What is to come in the months or years ahead;

They say that life is a series of continuous change
And you look back at your life and you think to yourself,
‘I can’t believe that was so many years ago’
Reflecting on the things you did and the things you dreamt of;

Perhaps it would be good to stop once in awhile
And just ask yourself if you could have one wish – any wish,
What you would wish for just so that you know
If you’re actually working towards what you really want

Or if you’re just living life – or shall I say trying to live life
In a manner that someone else told you to
Or in a way that is safe and certain that you are almost
Afraid to pursue your dreams and hopes conceived in youth;

Take a moment – just a quick short moment would suffice,
And think about what you really want out of life
So that you can make changes to things now
To reach a little closer to the star that you long to embrace;

There’s no place better than here
There’s no time better than now
So let us let every moment in life
And every instant in time

Make a difference.

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