Modern Writers These Days

(7 minute challenge, let’s go)

Modern writers these day
Use complex and convoluted words
To express some abstract idea or perspective
As though sophistication is key to intelligent writing;

They throw bombastic words around
And float abstract symbols about in order to
Appear a little more complicated and a little deeper
If you will;

These profound imagery and metaphors
Are not easily deciphered nor understood
And the reader is left scratching his head as though
His simplicity refuses him the ability to read beyond the words;

In fact the loss is not in the inaptitude of the reader:
It is in the symbols not unravelled
And the deeper meaning withheld that is the true loss
More to the writers than the readers;

Writings of false complexity is nothing more than simply
Contrived acts of intellectualism to show the world
That one can use the convolution of language and meaning
To create an impression of depth and mystery;

Let us not lose the art of simplicity,
For the true skills of writing lie in
The simple use of words to convey meaning
Far beyond what confusion in bombastic words may achieve;

Modern writers these days – complexity in simplicity is key.

4 thoughts on “Modern Writers These Days

    1. haha shiyin, that is definitely not showing on the things you post on your blog! the stuff you write are always so sincere, and it’s always nice to read into someone’s life to know they are doing alright.

      cheers shiyin (:

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