Now Heaven Walks On Earth

(we do let our imagination have a light workout after dinner sometimes yeah? here’s one for modern day ‘Orsino’ with all due respects. There is only one line reference to Twelfth Night so it really has a limited link; I wouldn’t dare to touch anything that Shakespeare writes, at least not at my present standard of scribbles.)

I used to admire you from afar
Where your beauty mesmerised me to no end
And as I watch you sashay down the middle walkway
I feel as though it’s a moment of ‘now heaven walks on earth’;

I used to imagine how you would sound
Or how you would smell when we talk up close
Almost like a dream whenever I see you around
Yet I never had the courage to direct you a smile;

You had possibly the nicest pair of shoes
Which only is so because of your beautiful legs
Tall as you are your jacket looks great on you
And I sometimes I get lost just looking at you stroll by;

I saw you sitting alone nearby today
With a worried look on your face you appear
A little troubled and a little sad and all I could think of
Was to talk to you and make you smile (even if a little);

I didn’t know where to start or what to say
Boy did i get nervous just thinking of how to begin
And as I walked over I really didn’t think
That for real I just was about to say hello;

(Okay I’m not too sure how I want to proceed from here, because I think modern ‘Orsino’ would be disappointed that his lady on a pedestal just doesn’t quite meet his imagination/expectations. So readers, here’s a challenge: can someone complete this for me? Tell me how it goes, or how it goes wrong and I’ll be most honoured to share it on my blog. Cheers everyone!)


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