You look so tired – You probably are,
Seeing as you fold your arms on the table and place your face over
To catch a quick nap after a long morning of mathematics
Hoping just to rest a little before the battle continues on;

It is pouring outside on a cold Thursday afternoon:
You can’t leave and so you sit and watch the raindrops fall
And doze off unknowing without noticing
The tender eyes that look upon you across the table;

‘She looks really cute fast asleep,’ he says
With a light sparkle appearing in his eyes,
I guess perhaps someday he’ll tell you he loves you,
But seeing you fast asleep all he can do now is look on and smile;

That to him is enough for the time being,
Knowing he will the first person you see when you awake;

With a smile he’ll greet you
As you stir from your sleep,
Secretly hiding a love in his heart
That never will from you yearn to part.

(It was pretty good fun doing this one; I found it pretty amusing as an observer so I couldn’t help but write about it. If you think this possibly is about you, well it probably is. have a good evening everyone)

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