Six Letters / Never but Always

(5 min challenge let’s go)

The six letters flash up again,
Bringing me back to a time when things were a little more fun,
Where things were nicely taken charge with a sense of ownership,
A period of time when we felt like kings ruling over a land of peace;

The green and white was ours to share:
The memories created were beautiful and will stand the test of time,
It was a nice partnership and good teamwork which saw us through,
Time and again I look back to it for a comfort that things do work our way;

It feels foreign and it seems no longer like ours –
A different set of people and a different set of councils,
It is not what it was before and perhaps better yet this way,
So that what we had and what we did will always stay special;

My tag will always stay with me but even if
The notes vanish and the pictures disappear,
There always will be the memories that will last forever,
Because once before it did belong to us and always will;

Never another mun-day,
Always another mun-day.

(MUN is an abbreviation for Model United Nations, a professional simulation of the actual United Nations conferences held by the UNO)


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