An Inch Closer

(5 min challenge let’s go)

The wonders of scoring a goal or winning a point is an experience like no other,
Putting the ball into the back of the net
Or seeing the opponent fail to return the ball
Is something that thrills the very soul and excites the very mind,
Where in so doing we feel
A sense of overwhelming achievement success and confidence;

That is the very same feeling of being on top of the world:
In triumphing over the once seemingly impossible task
Of winning the game or taking the match point,
We alleviate all our worries and lay to rest all our doubts about our own abilities,
And we feel joys above the pains and hardship suffered
In the process leading up to the victory;

A goal or a point can be anything that you set out to do or be:
An academic challenge of (inter)national exams maybe,
Or making that first million and buying that hello Porsche possibly,
Or perhaps winning that medal in the sport which your heart burns passionately for;

You set your eyes on the medal and let the efforts take you through,
Where when the muscles fail the mind takes over,
And ceaselessly towards the podium you work as though that is what life is for,
Taking steps towards the stage by which you will in time show the world your talents;

Constantly remind yourself:
I am a step closer towards my goals,
And all will come to fruition with the whirligig of time;

Well I scored a simple point today,
And I know I am an inch closer to match point.


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