A Choice of The Finest

(5 minute challenge let’s go)

The offers stream in with a variety of colours and emblems,
Like a smooth flow they come in from all over the world,
Presenting happy dilemmas of Boston Coventry or Exeter,
Pondering over a few weeks what will shape
The new few years and possibly next few decades of our lives;

The offers come with strings attached of three As or two with one B,
Looking at them thinking ‘wow that doesn’t look very hard’,
Or maybe considering ‘hmm can I fulfil the conditionalities?’
But knowing too that it still does hinge upon the results that are to come (and go);

Pretty exciting are the prospects that look us in the eye,
A set of university names and future to come that creates a happy problem for us all,
Leaving us scratching our heads as we sip on our tea thinking of what is to come,
Oh such dilemmas testing our decision-making and tugging at our excitable hearts!

But frankly:
Are we all not secretly (or openly) happy to have such choices placed in front of us?


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