Happy Graduation

It has gotten quite comfortable,
Yes it sure did take some time but
It has gotten comfortable after awhile;

I don’t profess that everything has been entirely at ease,
Or that it has all been smooth sailing and easy riding,
But the walls and rooms of the J block in some ways will
Always ring a familiar warm note each time it flashes in my mind;

The regular breakfast club table too makes mornings that little bit brighter;

Seeing familiar faces around gives the whole place that feeling
That we are all in this together and we’re here for each other,
Where a simple wave or a casual smile can turn a bad day around,
And a little conversation or chat can make life that little bit better;

We are not necessarily all so sentimental or emotionally attached,
But it is true that what has become familiar and warm to us
Does make parting a little bit harder and a little less desirable,
Where the thought of faces seen daily and smiles caught frequently
Not experienced as much or ever does make life that little bit colder;

A part of our heart stays in places where we’ve grown to love,
Just as how these little corners too in our hearts have taken their places;

Happy graduation one and all,
What lies ahead is for us to explore,
These past moments (I know) with always stay with us,
Where in looking back these memories forever will last.

Team Raffles.


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