J and K

(5 minute challenge before bed, let’s go)

I teased him and you smiled adoringly (at him),
It is a moment when his smile outshone the brilliance of the joke,
Where his laughter (strangely) sounded better than the joke itself;

He tried to grab your phone from your hands,
Yet you tried to pretend not to let him even though clearly you didn’t mind,
And in the midst of it he accidentally (really?) held your hand,
To which you took your hand away and started to blush;

Oh come on:
You two are always together wherever you go,
Seeing you K without him J is like looking at the keyboard
And noticing that J and K are not placed side by side;

There’s a reason why J is placed next to K:
You go together and hey I’m not JoKing (:

(This clearly isn’t my best work (it’s quite bad to be honest), but I thought I just had to write this down as simply and as lightly as possibly because I was sitting there in the library this afternoon piled up with Cold War articles giggling while looking at J and K look at each other with those sweet tender glances yet at the same time, both feeling shy.)


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