She Hid The Sun From Him // He Kept The Moon From Her

(someone wrote a poem and passed it to me for a read; here’s the response. Very cliche indeed, but happy belated birthday)


You spoke of the stars and of the cosmos to show the gravity of your love,
How he is the earth to your landing where a home to your soul is what he provides,
That in you he brings out the best and in him you allow for fine seeds to grow,
A love mutual where deeper and deeper into the stream of love you two would flow;

Yet amongst the constellation lines you hint that things were not to be so,
That he feels not what you feel for him and he sees past from you what glows,
Where indeed he is to you your earth but you are to him not
The sun that shines brightly which allows for life and love to blossom and grow;

Perhaps what you do not know is the secret which he clasps in his soul:

He knows he confides in you that you are not the sun to his daylight,
That you are not one of the stars that light up his night sky,
But what he does not dare yet to show and reveal is that quietly
In his heart there exists a secretly adored object that hangs cooly in the twilight;

In faith it is the very moon that bedazzles in the vast night sky,
Where in a quiet corner overhead she shines with a mysterious light,
Always there when he needs her for comfort yet
Never angry or out of sight even when he is distracted by the stars that fight for his delight;

He sings this song every day and every night,
Hoping that perhaps someday you’ll realize that what he truly wants to be doing
Is to be Dancin’ In The Moonlight with the love of his life
Yet truly he is too shy to ever admit that you are the moonlight to his night sky.

He kept the moon from her.


2 thoughts on “She Hid The Sun From Him // He Kept The Moon From Her

    1. hey erica! if I remembered correctly, this was written in response to a very beautiful piece which I read called “she hid the sun from him”. This is the mirror to that piece, and I hope I did do justice to the piece that this is responding to. Cheers erica, I’m at your blogsite more than you know haha

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