What Is Time?

(5 min challenge let’s go)


Look around – we see three main groups of people:
Those who look backwards towards a past happy or painful,
Others who look forward towards a future envisioned waiting ahead,
And then there are the ones who live in the present and for the moment;

We sometimes cannot help but wonder:
Which of the three moments actually exist?

In the journey of time and the individual universe of each soul,
It appears all three exist separately yet as though simultaneously
Never at all;

You cannot say that the past does not exist as it did happen,
Yet you too cannot say that the future is false for it will happen,
And can you then deny the existence of this very moment where
The air around you touches your skin and enters your lungs?

Yet if you give it a deeper thought:
The past does not exist in reality outside of your memories,
Neither does the future anywhere outside of your imagination,
And as for the present… You just let slip three seconds with one ellipsis;

So tell me my friend:
What is time?



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