We Think

(5 minute challenge, let’s go)

People do things and say things,
And we think all these come from thin air and nowhere;

There is – a story behind everyone,
Stories which we may never know about or imagine,
Sometimes these stories explain actions and words,
Other times these tales simply bring a tear to the eye;

Indeed no one feels as another does,
That we can never get round to understanding the pains of another,
Where in our own eyes we view through our own issues and hurt,
That it all eventually rounds up to what we ourselves go through;

Lonely is the man who tries to be there for everyone,
But in his heart yet he knows there’s no one
Who can possibly be there for him to fill up his heart,
To take up the empty space within which makes him feel without;

‘We all wonder from the real world, we all come to our asylums’,
Yes that is right – a place where the line blurs,
Between madness and sanity there is little difference,
Wherein going to such an escape one meets the issue face on;

Enough now – the point of this all is very clear:
People do and say things based on their past and experiences,

So beware the man who seeks to listen to the sorrows of the world,
For he is the one who seeks external pains to smoothen the ones within.


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