By and By

(5 min challenge, midnight)

We sat about talking about frisbees,
The disk that flies free in the sky,
Where it goes where we direct it to,
Floating at times with the wind that blows;

Lovely is the path that is charted ahead,
Sailing nicely as the breeze caresses its surface,
Knowing in safe arms and paradise it will land,
Let loose by a warm and tender release of a nice firm hand;

But then from hence too I shot out a boomerang,
Where I watch it go hoping it will come back,
Taking out what it was intended to break loose,
Yet from release the feeling was that it’ll not return soon;

It drifted along with the casual flow of the wind,
By and by in the distance the boomerang was lost,
A course unknown and a path that is yet to exist,
It never once bade a goodbye as it disappeared into the sunset.


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