It’s Probably Easier

(I have nothing to do on the train so.. here goes; happens when one is reluctant to reach for the book to read in the bag)

There will come many times and moments in life,
Where you’ll look back at the years gone by,
And wonder to yourself what you have done all those years,
How you’ve gotten some things right and others wrong;

These instances in life are indeed very potent,
Because in looking back you are likely to have
Two general emotions: Satisfaction or regret,
It really can only be one or the other that will dominate;

Now tell me:
That you’ve just paused and given a thought,
And felt both surges of emotions flood your sense,
So frankly which feeling is stronger now?

Of course it occurs differently for different areas in life,
Depending where and what in life you are now,
For what lies ahead might overpower what is in the past,
But come on don’t tell me you’ve gotten your thoughts in a knot now?

They all say that train journeys are the best time to think,
But maybe I’d rather take out a book and read:

It’s probably easier.


(with input from an imagined conversation with the person beside me reading a book)


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