Random Writing / Deep Recesses

(just a random scribble, nothing really but here we go)


In the deep recesses of my drawer,
I know your note from a year and a half back
Is lying there somewhere amongst all the other things,
But I don’t think I want to search for it;

It was a nice time then I guess,
New phase and new faces and yes indeed I tried,
I thought ‘alright let’s do this all over again’ – it was a choice,
And your note (and hug) showed that it was all falling in place;

It didn’t last long to be honest,
Until when things started to crack up,
And it all began again and nice things ended,
Which looking at the note and picture would bring back those times;

I don’t know – I think I’ll smile if i read the note again,
Though the after thoughts would turn the smile upside down,
And likely turn the emotions inside out,
So I think I’ll leave the note and memories where they are:

In the deep recesses of my drawer and my mind when,
In the past where things and prospects were different then.


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