Walking Out / The War

(a quick one before bed; J series)


I really wanted to unpack my things and put them down,
My bag was packed and I was all ready to go,
But i really didn’t have the desire to step out that door,
If you would turn around and call for me I would stay; 

I don’t know –
I was a little worried I wouldn’t see you again,
That all that comfort and ease of the past time,
Would all suddenly be out of reach and just a memory; 

I really wasn’t keen on walking out,
Cos that would mean the start of the clash of will,
The challenge that would sustain for the time being,
One week of intense combat of courage and strength; 

The war has begun –
First shots have been fired and the first valley taken,
The intensity of the maiden battle begs for more,
The mind and body is stimulated and the soul wants more;

Has the time past been left in the dust with the walking out?

Or will we survive and make it back to where we started,
To make the first move in this other battle – never to again be parted? 


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