“She doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus”

an interview with one of my favourite teachers of all time, Mrs Nicola Perry. She teaches me English Literature at Raffles and cracks us all up with her funny moments and cheerful disposition; a most passionate and loving teacher

Word of Mouth

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, Raffles Press has collaborated with the 34th Student Council’s Teacher’s Day Committee to bring you a series of articles featuring several teachers and non-teaching staff in Raffles Institution. In this installment, we feature Mrs Nicola Perry, the HOD of English Literature.

1530438_10151962233164585_1634757741_n Photo courtesy of Theophilius Kwek

Our first sign that Mrs. Nicola Perry was going to be one of the most extraordinary teachers we’ve ever met was that on her first lecture with us, she peeled and cut an onion to illustrate a metaphor from a Carol Ann Duffy poem on Valentine’s Day. Mrs Perry could well be described as a walking edition of Shakespeare’s Complete Works (and John Donne’s, and Alexander Pope’s, and William Wordsworth’s, and W.H. Auden’s – the list goes on). Possessing at the tips of her fingers or her tongue the better half of the entire Western Canon, she is as…

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