National Day Celebrations

I think there’s something to be proud of for each and every citizen,
To look at the country’s change and development over the years,
To feel that connection to the country like one feels towards the home,
For it is in the country that the home is situated in; 

Indeed we look towards universal ideals – humanistic philosophies and values,
But as we move towards an increasingly globalized world of interconnectedness,
As the globe becomes a seemingly smaller place and a mentally tinier space, 
Let us remember that home is where our heart is;

A sea of red and white balloons swamp up into the air amidst the cheers,
Half a century of nationhood to look back upon and much more to look forward to,
Singapore a country where the young and old feel a pride and belonging to,
Where in our hearts this tiny red dot occupies a special little corner dear;

‘Our People, Our Home’ – I hope that is what our country holds to be, 
In the years before and the years that are to come for you and me – we.

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